awaken_fantasy (awaken_fantasy) wrote in reno_tifa,

AWAKEN ReTi fiction

This is a ReTi fanfiction i'm in the mists of writing, I would love some feed back from all ReTi fans. I started writing this a long time ago and I'm in the process of filling in some of the gaps that are left between chapters. This is going to be a long fiction based arounnd the lives of the Turks (espeshily Reno and how he stumbles upon Tifa).

Pairings: Reno/Tifa, (Past) Reno/Elena, Rude/Cyr, Tseng/Elena, Tseng/Rhodes, Andrew/Rhodes, Cloud/Tifa.

Alot of the pairings are from one persons POV but I hope everyone enjoys, Rhodes is a charecter I have made myself so that I didn't have to change any of the exisiting charecters to accomidate the personality I wanted.

Please R & R

Thank you.

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